Welcome to Keysa's art-blog on tumblr! Here you'll find posts related to my personal art only, which means sketches, WIPs, finished artwork, projects...aslong as personal thoughts, and feel free to ask me something if you want. Just saying. Yea.

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Hello there! So sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to tell you that your art is amazing! I'm sorta shy, so I'm an anon, but trust that what I say is true. Have a grand day!

Neither of you bother, so it’s ok, I love getting asks~ (don’t we all?) I’m glad you like my art! Thank you <3 And there’s no need to be shy, you can come to me anytime whitout a problem :) Have a grand day too!

OMG! We share the same name and the same spelling! I'm sorry if this is stupid or childish, it's just ever since I was young I thought spelling Sara without an H was special and all the people that shared it were special too! Anyway I love your art and your name! :D

That’s cool! :D Well, I’m from Spain, and here Sara is spelled that way (and also pronounced Sah-rah, instead of Se-rah). Thank you very much, my lovely name buddy!~

Go HERE for better quality!

Yay, part 2 is up! Took a while, I know. But life’s been a little crazy these past weeks, but i got myself back on track. So expect part 3 soon!

Also, regarding some tags I’ve seen on part 1, I’ll point a few things up: Yes, all the kiddos you’ll see here are Maka and Soul’s children. No, there won’t be any kid of any other SE character, at least on this comic. And YES. The older girl’s name is Soma. Cuz the name of the ship. But it is also a real name. So Soma it is. Blah~

Part 1

(And as a cool fact, the sixth pannel is referenced from an old sketch of mine that you can find HERE)