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I'm so glad RoMa is canon now! :,) *wipes tear* now.... How about you do a day to day of Maka and Soul after.. Hmm say when the series ended to when she has her children?! Huge request but I'm just a crazy fan girl.. You don't gotta listen to me! I just love your Maka and Soul pictures. Ugh!

*hands you a tissue*

I never though about that! Specially because i wouldn’t know what I should actually explain to make it interesting. I find it easier to work with scenarios for when the kids are around. But who knows. If you have any ideas you can always suggest :) 

What college do you go 2? Just wondering since I'm going to start applying soon 😑 and I LOVE UR ART BTW! 😍

Unless you are coming to Spain to apply to college here, then we have a problem XD I go to Llotja in Barcelona, some miles away from where you are for sure! And thanks <3

Okay, I'll keep looking... But thank you for an answer! Like I said I really adore your art (Especially RoMa *blushes and smirks*)

I swear I actually checked the actual prizes on Wacom’s site and now I’m a little confused myself XD It looks like now the good’ ol Bamboo brand is only for accesories. I think the new model of the tablet I have would be Intuos Pen and Touch. It’s not that expensive compared to other models and it still does its job just right :) Good luck!

Thanks a lot! (ship it like fedex..that’s right…come to the dark side with me hur hur~)

Hello! I was just wondering what tablet you used and how much it costs? I'm saving up to buy my own but don't know what kind to get, but I really like your art so...

I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet :) I think this one costed around $120 (i got it from my parents so i don’t really know. And it’s an older model). Check Wacom’s online store, it has detailed info on the products! 

(I checked myself, and it looks like the Bamboo brand is no longer for regular tablets somehow? You’ll have to look for Intuos instead!)