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Still me-Part 1

So here it is! I’ve been wanting to do this little comic thing since forever, and I finally managed to get my lazy butt to do it. It was about damn time. Anywayz.

This will be about how Soma found out she was a weapon, and how she and her family took the exciting news. For now, she doesn’t seem as terrified as the twins are. Oh well. Brave little girl! 

About 2-3 more parts to come. Expect Maka and Soul on Part 2~

Also I hate how I have to cut these. Go HERE for better quality.

Ohh my gosh! I love you i think :D You are truly amazing! I just can't stop grinning while looking at your drawings may it be soma, or httyd or anythig else :) and I'm really excited to get to know you own characters ! So ahem... You're amazing ;)

Thank you so much! Expect more httyd after I get to watch the sequel in 2 weeks! ;) And I hope you have fun with my characters! Kids, say hi!~

I thought I could survive without your art. I WAS WRONG ! KEYSA COME BACK ! PLEASE !

You mean for my hiatus on my main blog? If that’s the case, don’t worry, I’m still active on this blog, so no problem~ :D